Trust and Betrayal (synonym) (720p – 200MB)

Trust and Betrayal (synonym)
Rurouni Kenshin: Recollection Arc (synonym)
Samurai X: Reminiscence (synonym)
RuroKen OVA 1 (short)
reminiscence (short)
Kenshin OAV (short)
RK OVA (short)
Kenshin OVA (short)
kenshin ova 1 (short)
RK OAV (short)

Taken by slavers when he was a child, [Himura Kenshin] is rescued only when an encounter with bandits kills off everyone but him. He is found by a master of the Divine Justice School of Swordmanship, a school so deadly that to train in it, means death for either the master or student, there can only be one master. Taken by the master, Kenshin is trained in this school, only to leave before finishing so that he may join the Meiji restoration and help prevent further tragedies like his own.
Thus is born the Battousai, the greatest strength of the Ishin Patriots, a boy of 15 who kills for the sake of building a new, better world. One night, he comes across a mysterious woman, [Tomoe]. He must hide with her when the revolution stumbles. They marry for appearances, but soon fall in love. Tomoe has another reason to be with Kenshin, one she regrets but cannot stop. Revenge must be satisfied, and only blood can do that.
Source: ANN
Note: Tsuioku Hen was later collected into a two hour feature-length motion picture with new animated sequences.

Anime Type – OVA
Total Episodes – 4
Rating – 9.01
Start Date – 1999-02-20
End Date – 1999-09-22

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That Tragedy, That Drama , THAT BLADE !!!

This gives an entirely different feel compared to the TV series. I enjoyed it in a way, but its too arty and slow, and totally missing the adrenalin build up of the fighting in the TV series. Patient fans of the series might enjoy it.

Masterpiece! Gr8 plot, charracters and animation.

Wow, it`s a masterpiece!

One of the best anime i`v ever seen!

Eine der schönsten OVA die ich gesehen hab.
Sehr trauriges ende 🙁

This is a must See , It is also little too serious for kids if you grasp the true meaning in it. This is definitely the best animation ever made.

best OVA, great story, art, fighting

I think I expected too much from Ruroni Kenshin – Tsuioku Hen. The high rating got my hopes up. Yes, it is a step up in quality from the regular Kenshin TV series, but it is not a masterpiece.
When moving from a shounen TV series to a seinen OVA series, it`s not that hard to improve. Take a show made to appeal to kids and young teens and turn up the maturity level for the OVA. The violence was graphic, which feels more dramatic. There was more time to pause in the beauty of a pre-westernized Japan.
My problem with the OVA series is that it wasn`t all that deep. Maybe this flaw comes from it being a prequel–everything has to conform in an expected way. Still, the characters were not complex. Kenshin and Tomoe lacked nuance beyond their archetypical conception, while the rest of the characters were merely stereotypes.
If you`re looking for great samurai anime, check out The Hakkenden from the 90s. The animation is dated, but it`s easily the best samurai story.

It`s a must see! Nuff` said.

This is a must see. Such a tragic and moving story, awesome action scenes and great atmosphere all together. Even for those who aren`t familiar with the Kenshin franchise or aren`t that into it, this is worth watching.

Best anime. Ever.

Great OVA, just must see.

This one is clearly a must see! It has awesome story, awesome characters and awesome depth.
If you like anime and missed this one, you should reconsider your life 😛

Its in my top5. Totaly worth it

My all-time favorite OVA. This story is the best I have seen in the anime medium and the animation is good as well. Bittersweet excellence!

wow! it`s hard and romantic, a crazy mix of all genres!
i also cried while watching. great ova!!!

A tragedy equaled only by Hotaru no Haka. A story worthy of your full attention.

Absolute masterpiece…. Truly amazing story and tragedy that will bring tears in your eyes.

So good…. so very good

This OVA is just beautiful, makes the original show looks like kids playing with swords… Although seeing it after seeing the TV show makes the experience immensely better, This OVA definitely stands on it`s own.

best anime plot ever

One of the best anime in the history. Excelent characters, great action and main plot of the story.. If you miss this anime its a shame..

If you don`t believe this is a must-see, just watch the first minutes from OVA 1, read the dialogues and you`ll know it really is. Watching the chronological release of products (series, OVAs, etc.) will not affect your criteria. It`s a masterpiece and nothing can change that.

This is a classic!!
Believe me, you owe it to yourself

a Tragic & Beautiful tale from the Bakumatsu (Meiji Revolution period). a historical Samurai tale filled with swords and passion.

What a great anime… You all should see it… It`s truly MASTERPIECES!!!

The stuff legends are made of.

best anime ever

A “must” in Anime.

A must watch piece of epicness.

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Peace Maker Kurogane
Mugen no Juunin
Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou
Afro Samurai


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