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Samurai 7 (main) (480p – 70MB)

Samurai 7 (main)
Samurai Seven (synonym)
Akira Kurosawa`s Samurai 7 (synonym)
Samurai7 (short)
S7 (short)
SAMURAI7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)
Samurai 7 (official)

[infopane color=”6″] * Based on http://anidb.net/cr9464 [Kurosawa Akira]`s famous Seven Samurai movie.
In an alternative past with highly advanced warfare machinery, on a planet that might have been called “Earth”, a war involving mechanized samurai took place. After the long war, people enjoyed a modest peace. The effective rulers of this new time were a small group of high-class merchants, wealthy and powerful enough to negotiate with the Emperor himself through His envoys, to hire all the military power they felt like, and to keep a harem at their service.
In those days, villagers everywhere suffered in the hands of bandits, ruined samurai who no longer followed their code of honor. After the war ended, they lost their purpose to fight, and they turned their efforts into robbing the villages of their crops and women in order to sell them. Because the villagers had no way to fight against them, they had to obey the bandits` orders, or suffer heavy punishment. This also meant that the villagers had little rice of their own, and had to eat very little in order to not starve to death. This happened to many villages everywhere.
One year, before harvest season, the head of the Kanna Village proposed that they should hire samurai to protect them from the bandits. http://anidb.net/ch3950 [Rikichi], a man full of energy but who is easily frightened, http://anidb.net/ch3961 [Kirara], the village`s water priestess, and http://anidb.net/ch3949 [Komachi], Kirara`s younger sister, go into a town to look for samurai to help them. [/infopane]
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Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 6.09
Start Date – 2004-06-12
End Date – 2004-12-25

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2004-06-12 The Master
Trancher !
O Mestre
2 2004-06-12 The Pupil
O Aluno
3 2004-07-10 The Entertainer
C`est une plaisanterie !
O Animador
Gojoudan o!
4 2004-07-10 The Loner
En garde !
5 2004-07-24 The Drifter
Nic takiego!
6 2004-07-24 The Fool
Zostawcie to mnie!
7 2004-08-14 The Friend
8 2004-08-14 The Guardians
9 2004-08-28 The Bandits
Couper en deux !
10 2004-08-28 The Journey
Rassemblement !
11 2004-09-11 The Village
Yatte Kita!
12 2004-09-11 The Truth
Hurler !
13 2004-09-25 The Attack
Tirer !
14 2004-09-25 The Offering
15 2004-10-09 The Gun and the Calm
Se mouiller !
16 2004-10-09 The Storm
Mourir !
17 2004-10-23 The Remembrance
Moissonner !
18 2004-10-23 The Emperor
19 2004-11-13 The Mutiny
Se rebeller !
20 2004-11-13 The Execution
Changer !
21 2004-11-27 The Rescue
22 2004-11-27 The Divide
Gifler !
23 2004-12-11 The Lies
Menteur !
24 2004-12-11 The Oaths
25 2004-12-25 The Last Battle
Tomber !
26 2004-12-25 The Era`s End
Repiquer !


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For those who have watched and are fans of the original movie, Seven Samurai, this is a must see for you.


best anime !!! must a watch !!!

a great anime as well as akira kurosawa

A really well made interpretation of one of Master Kurosawa`s masterpieces. Plus the ED theme is very samuraish :D. I do recommend it.

Amazing fighting, loveable heroes (and villain), inspiring story. The tragedy strikes from nowhere.

Akira Kurosawa – a great auteur, Seven Samurai – an amazing film; Samurai 7 – equally fascinating anime.

Its nt just for fans, its a must-watch. its a Masterpiece. Lovely music overall.

So just finished and got that sense of fulfillment when you accomplish something.
Thats exactly what this is an anime that will fulfill u with excitement and one whose ending is well rounded.

Samurai Champloo

[tab title=”Characters”]

ID Name Pic Desc
3949 Komachi The precocious young Komachi is http://anidb.net/c….
3950 Rikichi Rikichi is a humble farmer who accompanies http://….
3951 Ukyou Ukyou is the spoiled son of the local magistrate, ….
3952 Ayamaro Ayamaro is the portly local magistrate. He is a cu….
3953 Tessai Tessai works for http://anidb.net/ch3952 [Ayamaro]….
3954 Kanbee A highly experienced, educated, fearless and skill….
3955 Katsushirou Katsushirou is a fledgling samurai, too young to h….
3956 Kikuchiyo Kikuchiyo is a very strong mechanized samurai with….
3957 Gorobei After fighting in the war and joining the countles….
3958 Kyuuzou After fighting in the war, Kyuuzou landed a job as….
3959 Shichirouji During the war, Shichirouji was http://anidb.net/c….
3960 Heihachi Heihachi is a younger samurai, mostly self-taught,….
3961 Kirara Kirara is Kanna Village`s water priestess. Her tit….
3962 Raiden ….
3963 Benigumo ….
3964 Yakan ….


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