Samurai Jack (Complete Cartoon) (100MB – 480p – English Dubbed)

Type: Cartoon (American)OVA
Episodes: 62 (Seasons) 5
Aired: 2000
Ended: 2005
Rating: Super Good (Childhood Good Nostalgia)

After being sent into the future by the evil wizard Aku, young samurai Jack makes a quest to return to the past and undo the destruction caused by the wizard. Along the way Jack enlists allies to defeat some of Aku’s henchmen and other villains before getting to the top dog to defeat him and find the portal that can return Jack to his own time.

Samurai Jack tells the story of a young prince (voiced by Phil LaMarr) from feudal Japan, whose father (Sab Shimono and Keone Young) received a magic katana used to defeat and imprison the supernatural shape-shifting demon Aku (Mako Iwamatsu). Eight years later,[4] Aku escapes, and the Emperor sends away his son to travel the world and train so he can return and use the magic sword to defeat Aku. On his return, he faces and almost defeats Aku, but before he could land a finishing blow, Aku creates a time portal that sends the prince turned samurai into the distant future, with anticipation that he would be able to deal with the samurai by that time.[5]
The samurai prince arrives in a dystopian retrofuturistic Earth ruled by Aku. The first people he encounters call him “Jack” as a form of slang, which he adopts as his name.[6] His given name is never mentioned. Most episodes depict Jack overcoming various obstacles in his quest to travel back to his own time and defeat Aku. Each time Jack nears the end of his quest, his chance slips away, forcing him to continue his journey.[7][8]

Download Samurai Jack (Cartoon Dubbed) All Episodes

Samurai Jack Animated Series (English Dubbed Cartoon) Direct Download Links (100MB – 480p)(Encoded)

[[SEASON 1]]
Episode S01E01 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E01.I.The.Beginning[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E02 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E02.II.The.Samurai.Called.Jack[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E03 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E03.III.The.First.Fight[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E04 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E04.IV.Jack.the.Woolies.and.the.Chritchellites[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E05 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E05.V.Jack.In.Space[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E06 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E06.VI.Jack.and.the.Warrior.Woman[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E07 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E07.VII.Jack.and.the.Three.Blind.Archers[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E08 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E08.VIII.Jack.versus.Mad.Jack[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E09 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E09.IX.Jack.Under.the.Sea[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E10 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E10.X.Jack.and.the.Lava.Monster[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E11 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E11.XI.Jack.and.the.Scotsman[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E12 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E12.XII.Jack.and.the.Gangsters[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S01E13 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S01E13.XIII.Akus.Fairy.Tales[][RapidBot].mkv

[[SEASON 2]]
Episode S02E01 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E01.XIV.Jack.Learns.To.Jump.Good[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E02 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E02.XV.Jack.Tales[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E03 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E03.XVI.Jack.and.the.Smackback[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E04 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E04.XVII.Jack.and.the.Scotsman.Part.2[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E05 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E05.XVIII.Jack.and.the.Ultra-robots[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E06 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E06.XIX.Jack.Remembers.the.Past[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E07 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E07.XX.Jack.and.the.Monks[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E08 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E08.XXI.Jack.and.the.Farting.Dragon[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E09 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E09.XXII.Jack.and.the.Hunters[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E10 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E10.XXIII.Jack.versus.Demongo.the.Soul.Collector[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E11 : Direct Download:[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E12 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E12.XXV.Jack.and.the.Spartans[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S02E13 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S02E13.XXVI.Jacks.Sandals[][RapidBot].mkv

[[SEASON 3]]
Episode S03E01 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E01.XXVII.Chicken.Jack[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E02 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E02.XXVIII.Jack.and.the.Rave[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E03 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E03.XXIX.The.Good.The.Bad.and.The.Beautiful[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E04 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E04.XXX.AnimeOut[Jack.and.the.Zombies][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E05 : Direct Download:[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E06 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E06.XXXII.Jack.and.the.Travelling.Creatures[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E07 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E07.XXXIII.Jack.and.the.Creature[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E08 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E08.XXXIV.Jack.and.Swamp.Monster[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E09 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E09.XXXV.Jack.and.the.Haunted.House[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E10 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E10.XXXVI.Jack.The.Monks.and.the.Ancient.Masters.Son[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E11 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E11.XXXVII.The.Birth.of.Evil.Part.1[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E12 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E12.XXXVIII.The.Birth.of.Evil.Part.2[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S03E13 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S03E13.XXXIX.Jack.and.the.Labyrinth[][RapidBot].mkv

[[SEASON 4]]
Episode S04E01 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E01.XL.Samurai.versus.Ninja[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E02 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E02.XLI.Robo.Samurai.versus.Mondo.Bot[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E03 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E03.XLII.Samurai.versus.Samurai[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E04 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E04.XLIII.The.Aku.Infection[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E05 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E05.XLIV.The.Princess.and.the.Bounty.Hunters[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E06 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E06.XLV.The.Scotsman.Saves.Jack.Part.1[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E07 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E07.XLVI.The.Scotsman.Saves.Jack.Part.2[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E08 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E08.XLVII.Jack.and.the.Flying Prince.and.Princess[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E09 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E09.XLVIII.Jack.versus.Aku[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E10 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E10.XLIX.The.4.Seasons.of.Death[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E11 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E11.L.Tale.of.X9[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E12 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E12.LI.AnimeOut[][RapidBot].mkv
Episode S04E13 : Direct Download: Samurai.Jack.S04E13.LII.Jack.and.the.Baby[][RapidBot].mkv

[[SEASON 5]]

Samurai Jack – S05E01 – XCII [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E02 – XCIII [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E03 – XCIV [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E04 – XCV [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E05 – XCVI [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E06 – XCVII [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E07 – XCVIII [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E08 – XCIX [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E09 – C [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download
Samurai Jack – S05E10 – CI [720p] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download

Episode 1: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E01 – XCII [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 2: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E02 – XCIII [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 3: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E03 – XCIV [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 4: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E04 – XCV [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 5: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E05 – XCVI [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 6: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E06 – XCVII [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 7: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E07 – XCVIII [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 8: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E08 – XCIX [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [1080pp][pseudo][[AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot]][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 9: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E09 – C [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 10: Direct Download: Samurai Jack – S05E10 – CI [1080pp] [WEB-RIP] [HEVC] [x265] [AnimeOut][1080pp][pseudo][RapidBot].mkv

Samurai Jack Birth of Evil Part 1 and.Part.2.Commentary[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai Jack Lost Artwork Gallery[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai Jack Original Animation Test[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai Jack Original Artwork[][AnimeOut][RapidBot][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai Jack The Making Of Samurai Jack[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai Jack The Martial Arts of Samurai Jack[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai.Jack.Deleted.Scenes[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai.Jack.Genndys.New.Projects[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai.Jack.Genndys.Roundtable[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
Samurai.Jack.Promos[][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |


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