Scrapped Princess (480p – 60MB)

Usually, the birth of heirs would be a joy to any kingdom. But at the time of the birth of the royal twins, it was prophesized that if the girl child reaches her 16th birthday, she would be the cause of the destruction of the world. Out of fear of the prophecy, it was decided that she should not be allowed to live and the little child was cast off the highest cliff to a certain death. Pacifica, the child of whom the prophecy spoke, is now 15 years old and traveling with her adoptive brother and sister who are dedicated to protect her. Chased by various forces dedicated to see that the sentence of death is carried out, Pacifica is compelled to hide her identity and to rely on the strength of her brother`s sword and the mastery of her sister`s sorcery to stay alive. With an army of warriors, sorcerers, and the might of the church all dedicated to her death, will the assistance of brother and sister be enough, or will Pacifica have to call forth the power to save herself and fulfill her destiny as it was told in the prophecy?

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 24
Rating – 7.12
Start Date – 2003-04-08
End Date – 2003-10-07

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2003-04-08 Overture of the Abandoned-Cat Princess
Suteneko Oujo no Prelude
2 2003-04-15 March of the Half-Baked Knight
La marche de l`aspirant chevalier
Hanjuku Kishi no March
3 2003-04-22 Fanfare for the Unforgiving Man
L`ignoble et bruyante chanson
Yurusarezaru Mono no Sawagiuta
4 2003-05-06 The Concerto of Acquaintance and Parting
Deai to Wakare no Concert
5 2003-05-13 Lullaby of the Troubadour
Ginyuushijin no Lullaby
6 2003-05-20 The Pied Piper Song of the Knights
La ballade du chevalier
Kishi Taru Mono Tachi no Mayoiuta
7 2003-05-27 Waltz of the Abandoned Dog of a Girl
Suteinu Shoujo no Waltz
8 2003-06-03 Nocturne of Bonds and Prayers
Kizuna to Inori no Noctune
9 2003-06-10 Requiem for the Heretics
Itansha Tachi ni Sasage Requiem
10 2003-06-17 Serenade of the False Princess
Nise Oujo no Serenade
11 2003-06-24 Rhapsody of the Beast Princess
La rhapsodie de la princesse fauve
Kemono Hime no Rhapsody
12 2003-07-01 Battle Hymn of the Two Princesses
Futari no Hime no Ikusauta
13 2003-07-08 Reminiscence Song From Afar
Haruka Naru Ricordanza
14 2003-07-15 Lost Quintet
Ushinawareta Quintet
15 2003-07-22 Opera of Powers and Plots
Chikara to Bouryaku no Opera
16 2003-07-29 Duet at the Riverbank
Le duet sur la rive
Kawa no Hotori no Duet
17 2003-08-05 A Chanson for Fleeting Moments
Tsukano Ma no Chanson
18 2003-08-19 Back Alley Elegy
Roji Ura no Elegy
19 2003-08-26 Aria of a Mother`s Sorrow
Haha no Nageki no Aria
20 2003-09-02 Overture of Holy Destruction
Ouverture de la Sainte Chute
Sei Naru Houkai no Overture
21 2003-09-09 Passion of the Lonely God
Kodoku na Kami no Junankyoku
22 2003-09-16 Time Exceeding Waltz
Le rondo qui transcende le temps
Toki o Koeta Rondo
23 2003-09-30 Oratorio of the Mortals
L`oratorio des limites
Kagiri Arumono no Oratorio
24 2003-10-07 Symphony of the Protectors
La symphonie des protecteurs
Mamori Mono Tachi no Symphony

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Good storyline with amazing plot twists , if you care for some plot-driven anime so this is definately your bet .

great characters, descent action

Very well structured fantasy base. The idea for their magic was unique and interesting. The sad deal about this series was the bgm which IMO was very lacking.

Very cool storyline and nice plottwists!

a fantasy Anime with a very good complex story. the art and voice acting is stunning. interesting character development and action scenes.

a Highly Recommended Anime.

well, I watched it some time ago but, I didn`t complete it dunno the reason though :)” anyway I re-watched it again after a recommendation from somebody so i said:”what the hell!”
Scrapped Princess is great anime the plot is decent although I didn`t get some parts but that doesn`t matter lol and the ending was satisfying, the battles are OK I guess, also there is a little comedy here and there maid me lough . Not to forget the opening/ending music mostly i care for the opening but don`t listen to the ending coz some time u in hurry to play the next episode so they wore nice

over all i give it 6/10

You`ll learn a lot of things about life and friendship, AND protecting certain someone by watching these series. Do it, its good for you.

This anime is a MUST SEE for anybody who enjoys anything with an epic plot, awesome characters and episodes that just get better and better! Its just plain amazing!!!! 10/10

In my opinion anyone who likes anime (in general) should watch a title of this caliber. The story setting really is a mix of fantasy feudal times with sci-fi elements but it`s composes perfectly. Plot is consistent and keeps its deepest secrets till the end. We have many moral dilemmas as well as a wide palette of feelings between characters – also the secondary ones. Characters themselves are well made and most of them aren`t plain black or white, they are just as normal people – shades of gray. To loosen up from time to time there are some comedy elements which are light and nice but not so necessary. Worth noticing is also a beautiful and detailed world with outstanding views and graphics – still, after 9 years since release. And i guess most importantly – the big picture which tries to answer one of the most important question in humans history… Interested which one? Watch it…It is one those positions that will never be a waste of time.

All around awesome anime.

Amazing plot, captivating characters. This anime reminds me the great RPGs from the 16 and 32 bits era of video games. It`s certainly one of my favorites by now and i strongly recommend it.

This wonderful and fantastic world captures your imagination, and as the story moves on complete understanding of it sinks in; And with a interesting story with some of the most touching scenes out there, this show becomes a one you must not miss!


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