Sekirei: Pure Engagement (720p – 120MB)

* Based on the seinen manga by Gokurakuin Sakurako, serialised in Young Gangan, Sekirei: Pure Engagement, sequel to Sekirei.
In Tokyo in the year 2020, Sahashi Minato has failed the college entrance exam twice, is awkward around women, and unemployed. One day, Minato meets a girl named Musubi, who literally falls from the sky.
Minato soon learns that she is one of the Sekirei and he is her Ashikabi, a human with special genes make it possible to form a contract with Sekirei. This binds the Sekirei to him and allows them to use their full power in the Sekirei Plan, a dangerous and deadly competition organised by , chairman and founder of the mysterious and powerful MBI Corporation. Minato finds out that being the partner of a beautiful girl is not all fun and games, especially when it turns out that an Ashikabi can have more than one Sekirei partner — and that is where the real trouble starts.
Note: The first episode received an early airing on June 13, 2010 on Tokyo MX. Another early preview airing was held on June 19 in Ikebukuro Theatre Daiya during a promotional event with tickets sold in advance.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 13
Rating – 5.65
Start Date – 2010-06-13
End Date – 2010-09-26

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Ep Num#DateTitle
12010-06-13Silent Omen
Seinaru Yochou
22010-07-12The Wind Blows
32010-07-18The Wind`s Response
Kaze no Kotae
42010-07-25The Final Feather
Saigo no Ichiwa
52010-08-01The Sekirei of Flame
Honoo no Sekirei
62010-08-08Words of Binding
Kunagu Kotoba
72010-08-15A Faraway Tale
Tooi Monogatari
82010-08-22Kusa`s Play
Kusa no Yuugi
92010-08-29A Multitude of Bonds
Amata no Kizuna
102010-09-05Far-Reaching Sky
Hatsuru Sora
112010-09-12Preparations for the Festival
Matsuri no Junbi
122010-09-19Tower of Confusion
Rangi no Tou
132010-09-26Bonds of Truth
Shinjitsu no Kizuna

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Loved the first one,This one is just as good.

Haven`t seen a Harem anime this great since Tenchi Muyo GXP! Significant improvement over the 1st Season. The extras on BDs are good too!

The Second season for me was kinda better than the first season because it explained a lot of unanswered questions…but the only thing i didn`t like is the ending it leaves u with a Continuation plot ending…Overall This for me 9.5/10

Better than the first one. I`d say similar amount of fanservice but you get to see more of the story itself. If you liked the first then it`s only fair to watch the second one so do it!


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