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Shuffle (synonym)
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When two doors are discovered in an ancient ruin, the gateways to shinkai, the realm of the shinzoku (Gods) and makai, the realm of the mazoku (Demons) are irreversably opened. The races of human, shinzoku, and mazoku come together in the mortal world and nothing will ever be the same. One day, two new families move next door to a boy who had previously been living a very peaceful life. In one house lived the family of the King of the Gods, and in the other lived the family of the King of the Demons. Both families had one daughter whose single wish to live next to the boy they had fallen in love with years ago has just been fulfilled. Also living with the boy is his childhood friend. With these three girls vying for his affections, the boy finds that his new life filled with despair, jealousy, and just a little hope is beginning.
Source: ANN

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 24
Rating – 5.91
Start Date – 2005-07-08
End Date – 2006-01-06

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A quite nice harem-ecchi with some drama and romance, however it really shows that it`s an eroge adaptation. Watch it only if you don`t mind yandere, tough.

An interesting series that subverts a lot of harem anime tropes. It suffers from poor art in the early season, and feels like generic harem anime until about 2/3rds in. Further, most of the really interesting subversive stuff doesn`t become apparent until a second view. Still, easily worth watching.

Nice plot, nice art, nice characters development. A rare harem anime that the main male character choose the one he loves. You won`t regret watching this. Just don`t watch it while you are happy with your life though cause the story is so deep and sad afterward.

Very amazing anime! Good animation and sound as well! The storyline is very good and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

I though i`d watch it again after a couple of years (watched it just after it was completed), and even after seeing a lot of other ones,
my vote for this one remains the same.
Great anime.
It`s just like the other recommend by mastorione:
Typical Harem, unique story relating to gods and demons. Light hearted first half then gets semi serious and insane near the end. Enjoyable
Shuffle! Memories (Summary)
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
D.C.: Da Capo


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