Hey guys this is Day.

It’s been a while since I joined AnimeOut, It was pretty small back then since it was recovering from the previous downfall. But our site was rapidly increasing in popularity. We were rising in page rank on alexa by 1k almost every week (kudos to shub for his work). Back then, you could see the cbox filled with messages sent from up to 5 days before. Later on, we found that the screensize just isn’t enough for the chatbox as it was moving at light speed (thank you to the “chatfillers”, you know who you are). So after failing hard, we managed to rise up and actually managed to build a small community.

Sadly, after going through legal issues witch DMCA, we were severely crippled and lost ~65% our traffic. Our main expenses used to be covered by the few ad-revenues we get, but since we lost a lot of users, we have been down to barely any money.

So Here’s a message from our Main Admin and Site Owner Shubank008:

!! Cease of Operation from 15th September !!
As unfortunate as it is, it seems we will probably be ceasing all our community and encoding activities from 15th of September, i.e. AnimeOut will be shutting down.
As posted a few days ago about our financial conditions and need for donations, no one actively has contacted us in interest of it and no donations has been made. Unfortunately, since I used to pay all monthly bills from my own personal pocket (site being non-profit), I have already spent $3000+ in last 3 years on AnimeOut hosting and resources but I am no longer in a financial position to do so.
As such, I have decided that if we are unable to meet the server payment duedate, we will be shutting down and dropping our server(s) with 1.6TB of anime we encoded and released for our fans (thats around 500 series).

I probably wont be restarting AnimeOut as a release site ever again due to the hardship and time we spent on it over 3 years and now it will all be gone forever. We have no future plans at the moment in case we shut down.

As long as it lasted, it was fun to administer such a popular and big anime fansite and community. I thank all our staff members and encoders who worked with me for these past 3 years.

So In short, we will be probably going down for good unless someone will go in and help. We only need about $80 US this month to keep the servers up and a little more to keep operations and releases timely. We worked out a emergency plan for the donators to send their donations so if you are interested, please contact us through our FB page https://www.facebook.com/animeout

I thank everyone who stayed to help us before, people like butters (A.K.A Collectors-sensei) who helped us with server payments in the past months, turren, morphy, shady and the other guys who were always helping those who were in need in the cbox and to all the encoders i have worked with so far.

I wish you guys could help us stay longer if just for a little while. There is just too much that can go to waste.


Mega, Filehosts and Torrents have been discontinued, please do not ask for reupload to any filehost, we will not do it.
If there is any problem, speed issue or any issue related to our DDL (Direct Download) servers, please let us know at admin@animeout.com

You can also join our Discord channel to talk with other users and our Staff members directly - https://discord.gg/yDURwdC

We are now focusing on our new App-based platform AnimeWatch (https://animewat.ch) more and more, as such, updates to AnimeOut website itself and even new Ongoing releases might not be as fast as before.
We request everyone to please start using our new website and platform, AnimeWatch, instead as that will be the eventual future of AnimeOut.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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