Sora no Otoshimono Forte (720p – 90MB)

Sora no Otoshimono Forte
Heaven`s Lost Property: Forte (official)

* The second season of [Sora no Otoshimono]. [Sakurai Tomoki]`s peaceful life is long gone, since he now has to deal with the two beautiful Angeloids — [Ikaros] and [Nymph], his busty tsundere childhood friend [Mitsuki Sohara], along with all the other quirky friends from school.
Recently, Tomoki is plagued by a recurring dream, of an angel warning him of “heavens rage”. Then one day a new angel, [Astraea], as powerful as Ikaros, arrives on Earth with the sole purpose of terminating Tomoki`s life. Apparently Tomoki`s dreams have created a connection between Earth and the Synapse (where the Angeloids originated), something the masters of that other realm do not view kindly. Luckily, Astraea does not seem to be a very competent assassin.
Will Tomoki and the New World Discovery Club uncover the secrets of the Synapse and the Angeloids?
— written by foo2
Note: The first episode was aired during a special event on Sunday, September 19, 2010 in Laforet Museum Roppongi, Tokyo. The television broadcast started on 02.10.2010.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 6.08
Start Date – 2010-09-19
End Date – 2010-12-18

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2010-09-19 You Strip, Too! The Return of the Full-Frontal Hero
Kimi mo Nuge! Kaettekita Yuusha
2 2010-10-09 Bombshell! The Angel Is a Big Boob
Kyougaku! Tenshi wa Kyonyuu Datta
3 2010-10-16 A Proud-Fought Battle
Pride Aru Tatakai
4 2010-10-23
5 2010-10-30 The Brother Who Came from Heaven
Tenkai kara Kita Tomodachi
6 2010-11-06 Reach a Decision! The Up and Down of Heaven and Hell
Ketsudan Seyo! Up Down
7 2010-11-13 Eating Watermelon Tomoki
Tomoki Kuimasu
8 2010-11-20 The Song of the Angels Echoes in the Sky
Sora ni Hibiku Utahime no Koe
9 2010-11-27 Shoot-Out! Fishing at the Jumbo Carnival of Dreams
Gekitou! Yume no Jumbo Carnival
10 2010-12-04 Peek into the Fantasy Field
Fantasy Field o Nozoke!
11 2010-12-11 The Edge of an Indiscriminate Requiem
Musabetsu no Hate
12 2010-12-18 Forte Wings Soaring for Tomorrow
Asu ni Habataku Forte

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[Animeout] Sora no Otoshimono Forte 12 [720p]_[ven].mkv – 85.0 MB

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epic! waiting for next season 🙂

I think I speak for some people in the fan base for Sora no Otoshimono that, this is one of the things that men want to come true… now…. IT HAS GIVEN ALL OF “MAN” A BRIGHT NEW HOPE!!!

One of those better harem/comedy animes. It is not so funny as prequel, but I still kind of liked that a bit more serious approach to the plot. If you liked 1st season, you should watch this definitely too.

Few animes out there that could make you LOL really hard & this anime is one of them.
recommended for specially for ecchi fans


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