Summer 2017 Recruitment – We Need You!


AnimeOut – Summer 2017 Recruitment

Hey Guys Zii Here.
Due to the lack of manpower since a lot of our Encoders started being inactive, we’ve decided to open a recruitment to improve our release quality

Note: Positions are available unless it’s crossed out (even then, if you pass we may take you). Read the whole post before submitting.


  • Encoder – The test is to send us two things that you have encoded (one from a TV source, one from a BD source), your avs scripts, a brief explanation of the x264 settings used (or just the bat) and a link to the sources.. (Vacancies – 1) (Left – 1) for those who wishes to learn you can check this out
  • ReUploader – For this one what you need to apply is a decent internet connection and ready to dedicate a lot of time in the site (Vacancies – 2) (Left – 0)

  • Community Support – Basic HTML knowledge required to apply for this (Vacancies – 1) (Left – 0)

All applicants need to (in order):
1) Have a stable internet connection
2) Email said test to [email protected] with the subject line “AnimeOut Test – *insertpositionhere*”
3) Include in the email your available times (and time zone in terms of UTC/GMT), results from and nick on cbox.
4) Drop by in out cbox and talk to TheOnlyZii/Kurukuru/Daylighter/Shiroyasha (just say you’ve applied for whatever position).
5) Just lurk in Cbox. It’s our main communication platform and we’re not going to send emails out to every applicant we get.

Failure to do any of the above means that you fail the basic test of being able to follow simple instructions (and therefore fail altogether), so reread this after writing your email. Barely anybody gets this correct.


  • Mohammad Shahnewaz

    will i be paid or for free? :3

  • Lacri

    home download speed – 500kb/s (4MBPS)
    uni upload speed – 1~3Mb/s (unknown MBPS)
    if by any chance there is a need of reuploader, i’m willing to help out.
    Sounds naive, but i dont know things goes, so just saying that i can help

    • Avalon

      Please send us a mail at [email protected] to join in, right now PC speed or config hardly matters as we are low on staff so we will provide you access to our resources, servers and tools which we have developed over last 10 years as a state of the art technology suite.

      What I am trying to so is, only thing we recruiter from recruits now is dedication, time, patience and common knowledge to understand how things work.

  • Kirito

    Do we get paid for this; if so, on what basis?

    • Tatsuya

      you don’t get paid for this lol

  • Mohammed Yasin Dalal

    Which anime is on the cover of this post

    • flygon727

      i think it’s mawaru penguindrum

      • Mohammed Yasin Dalal

        thanks alot

  • blaze077

    can i join ;_;

    • Avalon

      Weren’t you already part of the team

      • blaze077

        you might be confusing me with the other blaze

  • Pat-kun

    what anime


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