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To continue his studies, the young [Akitsuki Yamato] has live with his aunt. He does not have to pay rent though and instead maintains the residence that comprises a public bath, also occupied by three attractive tenants: [Saotome Yuuka], [Matsumoto Megumi] and [Asahina Suzuka]. Yamato quickly falls for the charm of the beautiful and sporty Suzuka, but things keep on getting in the way of their budding romance…

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 6.21
Start Date – 2005-07-07
End Date – 2005-12-29

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Suzuka – 01 – Expectations
Suzuka – 02 – Smile
Suzuka – 03 – Bedside Visit
Suzuka – 04 – Spring Storm
Suzuka – 05 – Lovesickness
Suzuka – 06 – Confession
Suzuka – 07 – Resolution
Suzuka – 08 – Distance
Suzuka – 09 – Photograph
Suzuka – 10 – Rival
Suzuka – 11 – Challenge
Suzuka – 12 – Misunderstanding
Suzuka – 13 – Lips
Suzuka – 14 – Blessing
Suzuka – 15 – Bellflower
Suzuka – 16 – Impulse
Suzuka – 17 – Boyfriend
Suzuka – 18 – Gift
Suzuka – 19 – Breakup
Suzuka – 20 – Cheering
Suzuka – 21 – Regret
Suzuka – 22 – Determination
Suzuka – 23 – Encouragement
Suzuka – 24 – Disappearance
Suzuka – 25 – Forfeit
Suzuka – 26 – Cool Breeze

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Romance where you`ll hate the end,and the best thing is the girl who`s not picked up. So, If u like the typical guy choosing tsundere you`ll like,but if you hate and wonder: Why do you even like her, being so cold and idiot to you? You wont like this anime (or you cant make like I do, finish it at the 14 episode, where he actually made a nice choice) 5/10

got addicted.
continue on manga… yeah…

The anime doesn`t even cover half the manga, but neither the less does a pretty good job. There`s been some adjustment to it that the manga did better to be honest but if you feel like watching the beginning if the series, do it. FYI, the real story begins after the anime ends and it`s so awesome

It was a decent anime with a decent plot and i gave it a 8/10. However i strongly suggest to avoid Funimation`s audio if at all possible. Not sure about the latest release but their audio sounds poor (not the acting the actual sound) and they completely messed up multiple scenes by missing words meanings etc this can easily be seen by watching the mouths and with subtitles on. Plus it sounds better in the original Japanese imo.
Over all it was a very good love anime. Shame they didnt proceed on with the story.

This is my first best love anime. Reality and full of love.

Good romance didnt go the ways I would have prefered but i knew that it would end like it did because the title was suzuka oh well romance doesnt always go the way you want it in reality….. personally I didnt like suzuka as the one to get the guy prefering honoka the side charaters hattori and miki were great addition and keep a slow story from dragging to much think, miki and hattori should have thier own side story ๐Ÿ˜€ that would have been a laugh

Even since its covering only 70+ chapters out of 160+, even since there was some minor changes from original manga its worth watching. I think it`s great adaptation. It`s not `must see` only cause of incomplete plot. As well I recommend manga as `must read` as good drama.

got me quite addicted

Full of love scenario, it is very recommended for those ppl who juz break up (even me b4 ๐Ÿ™
Really entertain and full of knowldege. It is one of my favorite romance anime.
Must watch!!!!

best romance i`ve ever seen
MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!
i`va watched a lot of ramnces but this is the best

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