Sword Art Online

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Sword Art Online (main) (720p BD – 120MB)

Sword Art Online (main)
SAO (short)
Sword Art Online (official)
Sword Art Online (official)

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 25
Rating – 8.08
Start Date – 2012-06-24
End Date – 2012-12-23

In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players can control their avatars through brain waves using technology called “NerveGear.” When players enter the game, they discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive. To escape, players must beat the game by defeating each boss on all 100 floors; however, if they die in the game, they die in real life too. Their struggle for survival starts now…

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I don’t really want to go into too much depth, but I’d like to give an overview of the series and give my opinions it. If you haven’t noticed yet there are many negative reviews out there for this anime, and while many of them bring up some pretty fair points, I think some people are being a bit too harsh on it. Let me explain.Yes it’s a popular anime, yes it has flaws, no it’s not perfect, but at the very least in my opinion it is enjoyable. The pacing is off, the beginning particularly feels rushed, there were moments where I thought I skipped an episode because of the time skips which made it difficult to really connect with any of the characters in the beginning, and there were some less than stellar instances where it felt like the anime was trying to make me care but failing hard.

Some characters felt to be completely forgotten throughout most of this series too. For example in the beginning we are introduced to a character named Klein who is quickly pushed aside after the first episode and barely seen again and doesn’t really make much of an impact at all on the story later on. This seems to happen a lot throughout this series where there might be some emotional moments where a character dies, or something dramatic happens but there is really no emotional impact from it, and the main character seems to not really care that much about it or it doesn’t really effect anything significantly.

I really felt this series shined from around episodes 4-13 and I wish they would have kept with that pace instead of rushing an ending midway and throwing something new at us. The second half just felt completely unnecessary and forced.

Pushing the negative aside, I found the overall theme and atmosphere of the series to be great, and being an avid lover the MMORPG genre obviously a lot of things in this series appealed to me. I really enjoyed the idea of being stuck in a game that was impossible to escape from without winning and having real consequences, it really made everything much more dramatic and meaningful in the story. Sadly this quickly goes away midway through the plot.

If I had to pick two of the best things this anime did well for me it would probably be the animation and soundtrack. They both were really well done, and honestly without them being as good as they were this series would have gotten a much lower score from me, and when I say I really enjoyed the soundtrack I mean that I loved it, it was superb.

I think what it really comes down was just the fact that I enjoyed watching it. I can look at the flaws and pick the anime apart pretty easily, but those flaws never really stopped me from enjoying this anime.I really do feel though that it had a lot of potential to be a top tier series, it just made far too many mistakes. Looking at it objectively I simply cannot give this anime higher than a 7. It was good because I found it to be enjoyable, but it wasn’t great or amazing.

At the end of the day I watch anime because I want something that will entertain me and keep me interested, and I feel that Sword Art Online did a good job at accomplishing that.

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  • Xin

    sub? or dub?

  • should you watch SAO : no ..
    go watch Overlord , Gate , Netoge ,Log horizon and konosuba

  • Robin Gray

    This English dubbed? Was about to rewatch but if its dubbed then guess I’ll have to download it somewhere else

    • its Dual-Audio the default is english but you can change it to jap audio

      • Robin Gray

        Oh really? Should put that in the description, I already went and torrented from horriblesubs :/

        • theres a dual audio tag on its filename

  • MeowMeowgetrekt

    Why is it dubbed?

  • Arynescence

    Hi! I downloaded the zip, and the episodes came out as .mkv, is there any way that I can convert it to mp4 for iMovie? Thanks!

    • Super

      Use format factory.It should be already in your pc.

  • Michael James Sefuentes


  • Luis

    Can’t watch episodes why

    • John Paul Jiminez Casela

      bro use the VLC

    • I don’t know. You tell me.

  • Luis

    How do you download

  • Julio Tofan

    thanks alot

  • TrialMacameau

    Where’s the OVA of SAO ? 😮

    • Not worth son. It’s a 1:30h “movie” but it’s recap and 10 min bikini scene.

  • Ayush ‘n’ Chandra

    i want watch over more about sword art online but its still no enough more episode
    so when it will end and last episode i watch over then i feel cant wait watch anime like sword art online so please tell me which or name anime is best like sword art online as exact as well i am begging u for reply please

    • Lester Safemaster

      Check out Log Horizon

  • Sady

    How do i download this shi

  • carl

    Please kindly re upload Episode 20 – 25.. im always stuck at 80% and 99% for almost 10 times

    • Try 11 times

      • Yosia Lianto

        hahah, nice one! XD

  • Anoop Rajasekharan

    Did you add any hard codded watermarks in your encodes ?

  • Brainstrong

    I’m having trouble downloading Episodes 21 – 25. It’s always stuck at 99%. I downloaded it like 3 times already still the same thing is happening. HELP !

    • Brainstrong

      I used MEGA by the way.

      • Zero992

        Its mega trolling you just keep trying.

        • Brainstrong

          and i did! Got the needed episodes already. I appreciate the reply 😉

  • Baladishanth Balachandran

    I could not get the subs to work…..please help

    • Baladishanth Balachandran

      Never mind
      Got it
      Btw, Great quality 😀

  • JP

    the subs won’t work for some reason anybody else having the problem?

    • Zero992

      Check your codecs its probably problem in them since all subs are working properly here. Or try using VLC i have no problem running subs with it. 🙂

    • Baladishanth Balachandran

      If you are using VLC go to right click – subtitles menu – sub track – English subtitles
      It works

  • Miguel Rivera

    how do we download it

    • Zero992

      Direct Download is for donators only as it requires user and pass that donator gets. Mega and filehosts are for free users if there are none request it on appropriate forum section. 🙂

  • AnimeWishList

    @TheOnlyZii Episode 9 VLC does not support the audio or video format “undf”. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this any suggestions?

    • AnimeWishList

      Nevermind figured it out sorry

  • masako_shido

    please! filehost links! Onegai!

  • masako_shido

    ah, im stock!

  • masako_shido

    ahm, hello is this the sub or dub? i hope this is sub,

    • its dual audio means theres 2 audio in it (original jap audio and the english dub)

      • masako_shido

        ah ok. so it means both jap audio and eng dub are all in one?

      • masako_shido

        they mixed?

        • Yeah nigg we go full ham on languages. There’s also triple audio where the background music is in Greek and females talk in 1337 speak

  • Katsumi

    this is dubbed, is the subbed version available to download?

    • Its Dual Audio Jap Audio also included there with english subs

  • Aditya Pitra

    The link is missing, can you fix it? I cant find it anywhere, both in filehost or megalinks.

    • Some of our site plugins are crashed.
      all post have been fixed now

  • Jason

    SAO S2 episode 1 just got released, are you gonna encode it? I know as a fact it’s already on FFFansubs

    • Jason

      Oh, sorry, didn’t see the new page.

    • Daylighter


  • Orianthi

    Can’t download, whats with the “Authentication Required”? Won’t accept my animeout log in. Please help?

  • joren1347

    Please reupload SAO in filehost. Thanks 🙂

    • Listen, I know we are 2 years late here and you may or may not be alive anymore but I got news bro: we got dem sweet filehosts runnin’

  • Turab amin

    why do the episodes not play smoothly? I have played them in MPC and VLC but the result were same. I am using XP with duel core and I GB ram

    • Turab amin

      I have solved the problem. I have increased the video playing rate

  • William Han

    Can someone please seed?!

  • hara

    i have the sudden need to watch SAO all over again, AWESOME!

  • Ben

    For stupid people, like myself, To use Direct Download you need to right click it and choose “Save Link as…”

    … Seriously I visited this site like 12 times trying to figure out how that worked. I was expecting something along the lines of “Click here to being the download”

    • orianthi


  • Sillyi7

    I think some of the pictures may be spoiling the show a bit. 😛

  • Xander

    Arigatou gozaimasu!

    • Holy shit what a cocksucker i was

  • Marbid Bagas

    why i can’t download episode 4? T_T It says,”An existing connection was forcibly clodes by the remote host. This normally results if the peer application on the remote host is suddenly stopped, the host is rebooted, or the remote host used a ‘hard close’ “

  • FauziKaria

    It was really good anime ^^

  • FauziKaria

    It was really good anime! , I love it! 10/10 🙂

  • FauziKaria

    It was really good anime and the Perfect genre for someone like me! 😀

  • Artstyle

    Season 2 pleasee !!!

  • Tholhah syamsul ubaidillah

    Where is episode 26????

    • masako_shido

      hahahahaha no episode 26 its just until 25

  • John

    eh can’t download anything????all links not working

  • ty

    ep 5 – 25 don’t work?

  • Thanks

  • jhon

    did SAO will come season 2 or 3 …???

  • The Hero Without a Name

    Pls…just one reply and ill be thankful?… tnx

  • The Hero Without a Name

    does when will gun gale online be released in this page?…

    • Toralos

      Another season has not been announced yet. Who knows if GGO will ever be turned to anime.

  • zack

    why no sub past episode 15

  • kirito

    some of your subtitles are wrong.. but,its ok this anime is really awesome!!

  • B3theFLAME

    Someone please tell these are not 10bit (T.T)

  • kazishiki

    did SAO coming in season 2??

  • Light_Zero

    Where is episode 26????

    • @nime Kami

      There is no such thing as Episode 26 in SAO :facepalm:

      If You watch SAO you should know very well that it ended on 25th Episode

      • Light_Zero

        ohh I though it will has episode 26
        sorry for disturb ^^

  • Quintus

    it says video can’t be played cuz the file is corrupt…

    • animeout

      This has been answered way too many times, thats why I advise using forums for support as then others and users themselves can know the problem and solution as its hard to track comments

      Things short, its a problem with latest firefox and chrome browser treating mkv files as streaming media and trying to stream them in browser like mp4

      To fix it, right click link and click save as or download with IDM

  • For some reason episodes 13-25 won’t play on my blu-ray player, 1-12
    play just fine. I put each episode onto a flash drive but when I try to
    play 13 it doesn’t work, I get a message that says the file is either
    unsupported or corrupted. This happens with every episode after that. Yet the 480p versions seem to work just fine, so if you guys updated those I’d be really happy. Thank you for your great job of encoding and uploading the episodes. Direct downloads make it so much easier too, thanks guys 🙂

    • Doubt it, but it could be that 01-12 are UTW and 13-25 are HS. Shouldn’t effect it though… /shrug

      • I’m guessing 13-25 were encoded differently, yet I’ve actually just downloaded the rest of the episodes in the mp4 format. Eh, just trying to get the “in Japan” feel haha, I don’t really like watching anime on a computer.

  • araimirai

    is it just me or episodes 19-21 are arabic subbed?

  • Khizer

    there are 2 sword art online pages, one having 23 episodes and other 12, r both same?

  • tgh

    Episode 23 direct download link is not working

  • Amit

    Episode 23 direct download link is not working

  • Kurumi Ichino


  • Thanks for your effort as always 🙂

  • living legacy

    thanks for the new episode…

  • hmmm

    Waiting for 23 ^^

  • jwacko

    is this ripoff of .hack//sign?

    • TheTerrorOfDeath

      Its like you’re asking is every J-RPG out in the market a rip off of the Golden Sun series. No you dumbass, its got the same virtual reality concept but SAO and .Hack are completely different

  • wow… finally updated. Episode 22 is super great!!!!!

  • RinRenai

    ep 22 is not found >.<

    • RinRenai

      Oh there it is ;3

  • D4n3

    Can’t wait for episode 22 😛

  • MoMoCHu5360

    Thanks for the mini HDs I’m new to this show and this really makes it easier to catch up

  • love it… tnx for ep.21… The size is good.

  • Justice

    Um, SAO Episode 9 & 10 don’t work for me. I tried downloading them and they are hmtl documents even when i saved the video It’s weird.

  • kurono


  • ShinRei

    wow thnx for the update episode 20…keep up the good work guys^^~

  • Bossun0910

    so fast!!

  • skeith

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  • deathscythe

    thanks …wow episode 18 is softsubbed …please do this with others too…

  • Tara


  • noah

    so fast ! onii-chan dakedo please!

  • Middle Of No Where

    can i ask something in episode 1-15? what sub group r u using? or is it ur original translate?

    • Middle Of No Where

      ohhh.. i see it all of the episodes that u encode from UTW subs m i ryt?

      • kirito

        i see some of the subtitles in ep 1-15 is wrong..

  • Unknown


  • thank’s mas bero….

  • Spyrack

    tnx for the hard work

  • Thank the Anime Gods that we are back in virtual reality… more Kirito awesomeness.

  • Unknown

    thanks bro

  • ace

    what’s the difference between the two episode 15?

    • @nime Kami

      The Difference is that 1st 15 episode is HS subbed. But 2nd 15th episode has better quality translation of UTW

      • ace

        thanks 😀

  • Naavi

    Thank you very much bro!

  • Naavi

    Thank you very much bro!

  • DC

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  • Justine

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  • Justine

    waiting for ep 15

  • the boss

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  • sonic

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    just want to ask

  • Hello

    You’re awesome dude, Love HD in 100MB file size SAVE SO MUCH SPACE!!

  • Justine

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