Well I will keep long story short and try to keep things as much direct as possible. This post is basically an explanation of what happened to AnimeOut a few months ago and about our Revival.


The History



AnimeOut was started as a miniMKV Anime encoding team in early 2010 (I remember) and we aimed to be the fastest anime encoders around that time. We started becoming more and more famous within 3 months of start due to our fast releases and preferred filehost – Mediafire. Our name reached East and eventually our team and memberbase increased aswell. With many features and stuff released during those times (its a short post so won’t explain much), practically started shaking Off around late 2011 or Early 2012. I think it was 2012 as that was when my Final and most important board exams were around for my highschool. My time got limited for activities and eventually it started making AOT suffer aswell. Since we were not aiming for much profit at all, my own funds started to fall too short at that time for AOT’s expenses for server and stuff. It was around that time also that Filehosts started going Scumbag and the Internet went into turmoil with some Pipo/Sopi or whatever bills they were. Eventually with my time constrained and a bit of loss, I was only left with 2 options – Close the Site or Sell it to someone capable.

Since AOT’s other 2 core founders were also busy and almost inactive due to real life/studies/Job, I picked the Second choice to sell it to someone capable and let it continue. It was during April~ or so that AnimeOut changed management and I went completely MIA due to Real Life and whatever I mentioned above. It was then that the Internet again took another shock by almost all good filehosts going down/dead and continuous Legal problems for Download sites at that time. Ofcourse since AOT used to get Asian traffic mostly, the new owner also had problems to handle its cost with ads earnings resulting in loss and continuously links going dead and other problems. It was during that time, 1 or 2 months ago that AOT was officially closed/downed as a result of instability and loss.





The Revival



I eventually heard the news and read people’s comments and even mails by some fans who had my personal contacts. To again keep it short, I was making up my mind to restart AOT since 3 weeks ago and eventueally like 2010, again make AOT boom the Anime World and fans. Officially, it was decided 3 days ago that AnimeOut will be returning and revived again and restart its Operations from 0. We were fortunate enough to even buy back our domain (Yay ^_^) and resume with our plans. And all these years when I was MIA wasnt a waste, I gained quite a lot of exp. and learnt many new things during this time, all of which I will be putting in AnimeOut to make it one of the Best places to Get your favorite anime again.



Here are a few things we have decided for AnimeOut’s Revival :-

We will release 400p/720p encodes of Anime like before, we will try to be as fast as possible like earlier though since we are starting with staff almost close to 3, we may need some time to get in for
No Filehost will be used at all, There will be NO SECOND thoughts about this decision, reuploading everything and seeing your work get dead is really sad
All downloads will now be made available from DirectDownload servers – Full speed, No Waitime, Full Resume support. We have prepared a tight and secure Download mechanism for that purpose. People who are Connected with us on facebook might have already read about it. If not, it is explained down the post.
We will also try to release individuals and batch encodes and releases of ours via Torrent, we will use our own tracker and Nyaa for that purpose.
We are considering and might aswell release Source Anime (non-encoded ones) directly from Fansubs/Releasers
Requests Section will be made available soon for everyone to make their requests, Projects page is already available.
We will give priority to ongoing anime and anime of Fall Season while in meantime continue to release completed anime and requests too.
We are right now not as huge staffed as we used to be, if you think you can give us a hand and would like to join us, send a mail to admin@animeout.xyz


Join us on Facebook and Twitter for sure to make sure you are always ontime to get our updates.



As for security mechanism of our direct download, we have made it so that :-

No one can directly access our Download Vault at all
No one can direct leech or mass add our links in any download manager
None can use our links off any other site or anywhereFor download to start as a direct download, a User needs to and must click on the download link from within the Post from AnimeOut site, only then will our System consider it as Authorized and allow any downloads. You can download simultaneously and in que aswell, but all downloads must be started by clicking on links from the site page
You cannot copy paste the link and start download, a click will be necessary.Also, the chatbox “CBox” is still on the sidebar, feel free to talk with us and leave us any suggestions you might have. More changes will be made on the go to the site.



Mega, Filehosts and Torrents have been discontinued, please do not ask for reupload to any filehost, we will not do it.
If there is any problem, speed issue or any issue related to our DDL (Direct Download) servers, please let us know at admin@animeout.com

You can also join our Discord channel to talk with other users and our Staff members directly - https://discord.gg/yDURwdC

We are now focusing on our new App-based platform AnimeWatch (https://animewat.ch) more and more, as such, updates to AnimeOut website itself and even new Ongoing releases might not be as fast as before.
We request everyone to please start using our new website and platform, AnimeWatch, instead as that will be the eventual future of AnimeOut.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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