Tiger and Bunny (synonym) (300MB – 1080p)

Synonyms: Tiger and Bunny (synonym),TIGER A BUNNY (official),Tiger and Bunny (official),Tiger i Bunny (official)
Type: TV Series
Episodes: 25
Aired: 2011-04-03
Ended: 2011-09-18
Rating: 7.31

The city of Sternbild is home to many people of different races, backgrounds, and those who are called Next. Next are people who possess special powers. They are the superheroes who protect peace within the city.
These heroes all have a corporate sponsor whose logo is displayed upon their backs. As they overcome disasters and save people, they improve the image of their sponsors. In addition, they earn Hero Points which determines their ranking on the popular Hero TV programme. The Hero with the most points gains the title of King of Heroes.
One of these Heroes is [Wild Tiger] ( [Kaburagi T. Kotetsu]), a hotheaded veteran with a strong sense of justice. One day, he is suddenly partnered-off with newbie [Barnaby Brooks Jr.].
~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2011-04-03 Owari Yokereba Subete Yoshi
2 2011-04-10 Hajime ga Kanjin
3 2011-04-17 Uso kara Deta Shinjitsu
4 2011-04-24 Anzuru yori, Umu ga Yasushi
5 2011-05-01 Go for Broke!
Atatte Kudakero
6 2011-05-08 Hi wa Juujun na Shimobe daga, Ashiki Shujin demo Aru
7 2011-05-15 Hebi no Michi wa Hebi
8 2011-05-22 Kanarazu Kikai ga Kuru
9 2011-05-29 Kawaii Ko ni wa Tabi o Saseyo
10 2011-06-05 Arashi no Mae no Shizukesa
11 2011-06-12 Sai wa Nagerareta
12 2011-06-19 Kusa no Naka ni Iru Hebi ni Youjin Seyo
13 2011-06-26 Shinrai to Iu Ki ha Ookiku Naru no ga Osoi Ki dearu
14 2011-07-03 Koi wa Moumoku
15 2011-07-10
16 2011-07-17 Shinjitsu wa Ido no Soko ni Aru
17 2011-07-24 Chi wa Mizu yori mo Koi
18 2011-07-31 Shiranu ga Hotoke
19 2011-08-07 Fukuro no Nezumi
20 2011-08-14 Kuchi ni Mitsu Ari, Hara ni Ken Ari
21 2011-08-21 Ten wa Mizukara Tasukuru Mono o Tasuku
22 2011-08-28 Jinkan Banji Saiou ga Uma
23 2011-09-04 Fukou wa Tandoku dewa Konai
24 2011-09-11 Koketsu ni Irazunba Koji o Ezu
25 2011-09-18 Eikyuu Fumetsu

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For you who likes to watch an easy story and not too much complexity, this is the tittle for you.
It`s just so easy to follow, easy to guess. But it has a plus in the animation works. The CGI job were great.
Also, the animation works and character design were something like from a western comic books (like Batman, Spider-man, Superman), so if you`re a serious Japanese Anime lover, I don`t think this is the tittle for you.

this show is so overrated. main char is so stupid that u get angry when watching. the story is very predictable, the only thing this show hade was the graphic wich was very nice.

Highly overrated anime, only for Hollywood super hero movie fans, story = 0.

Refreshing, fun to watch, you wont get bored!
No need to overanalyze it its just pure fun ride.
Japan`s x-man !

Turn off your brain and just watch type of show. Nice animation, very enjoyable.
Obvious product placement is simply LoL.
Some characters who could have developed more but each get`s their spotlight.

There were many a times I din`t wanna watch this anime after looking at few of the recommendations. But after I gave it a shot, I was so surprised and seriously felt sorry for myself to have been misled by the reviews. This does have a super hero element in it, but the character development, the conspiracy, the funny lead character everything comes together nicely and makes it a good watch for everybody. Once I started watching, I stopped only after it completed. This is really a good show and make sure you don`t miss it.
P.S: Lot of people direct their anger towards the main character for being goofy, but in my opinion he is suited for this. The seiyuu for tiger is Hirata Hiroaki who also pulls off nanba mutta in Uchuu Kyoudai and their characters are very similar.

Take the X-Men mutant concept, throw in reality TV gameshow, and sponsorships like Nascar and you get Tiger and Bunny.

Easy to watch, light and enjoyable 🙂

I will always remember this one for its first episode. Afterwards was somewhat of a letdown compared to Ep1, but still watchable. Picks up pretty well towards the (hackneyed) end.

This is an enjoyable show overall and, while it lacks drama, its atmosphere is nice. It is worth watching.
The Good: The characters were enjoyable to watch and the story had a nice rythm to it.
The Bad: The secondary cast aren`t very developped and the premise is somewhat left behind. Some of the more interesting themes (superheroes working for compagnies) had no impact on the story and were poorly used.
The Ugly: CG and animation don`t mix very well and this is a very good example. Some plot armor and a weak finale.

The end got me on this show. It has the most maturity I`ve seen from a lot of anime. It`s not about teenagers trying to figure out who they are, but about an older guy trying to find himself again. The show deals with the problem of getting old and confronting responsibilities and situations that arise as we get older. Kotetsu, who is Tiger, one of the main leads of the anime, shows an example of how we can deal with unexpected challenges and not run-away or get depressed about it.

I was VERY skeptical to this anime at the beginning because it looked kind of stupid… The story, the sci art and the name. But after watching the first episode I fell in love with this anime! Tiger & Bunny is the best anime in 2011 no doubt!!!!!!!!!! ^^=

Show about somewhat commercialized Heroes, having their own HeroTV. Inspired by american superhero series. Good visuals, nice story, great characters.

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