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Tonagura! (main) (480p – 55MB)

Tonagura! (main)
Tonagura (synonym)
TonaGra! (synonym)

[infopane color=”6″] * Based on a manga by http://anidb.net/cr25304 [Kakei Hidetaka], serialised in Comic Rush.
http://anidb.net/ch19808 [Kazuki] and http://anidb.net/ch19841 [Yuuji] were childhood friends, but Yuuji had to leave for 10 years. When Kazuki finds out he is coming back, she is anticipating what kind of man he has become. Despite her illusions, he turns out to be a dirty pervert who is trying to win her love (or body?). Will Kazuki open up to him, or is he just a dirty pervert after all?
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Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 13
Rating – 4.47
Start Date – 2006-07-09
End Date – 2006-10-01

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2006-07-09 A 30cm Unrequited Love
30 centi no Kataomoi
2 2006-07-16 Morose Kazuki and the Apron of Temptation
Tsuntsun Kazuki to Yuuwaku Apron
3 2006-07-23 Smart Yuuji and Shocked Kazuki
Kiritto Yuuji ni Dokkiri Kazuki
4 2006-07-30
5 2006-08-06 I`ll Break Up With Him!
Zekko Suru Kara!!
6 2006-08-13 The Embrace of a Princess?
Ohime-sama Dakko?
7 2006-08-20 Strongest Invincible My Sister
Saikyou Muteki My Sister
8 2006-08-27 Kazuki x Hatsune Swimming Showdown!
Kazuki x Hatsune Suiei Taiketsu!
9 2006-09-03 Maybe, Jealousy?
Moshikashite, Yakimochi?
10 2006-09-10 Is it Bikini Time? Let`s Gather!
Bikini Dayou? Zen`in Shuugou!
11 2006-09-17 Yukata, Fireworks And The Severed Sandal Strap
Yukata to Hanabi to Kireta Hanao
12 2006-09-24 Letter to Yuuji and memories from 10 years ago
Yuuji e no Tegami to Juunen Mae no Kioku
13 2006-10-01 Veranda and paper airplane
Veranda to Kami Hikouki


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Strange aftertaste of maturity in the relations and ecchi (comedy) scenes focused on the situation rather the girl(s) – you will either love it or hate it. You decide.

A very funny anime with alot of ecchi and fan service.

this is one of the best anime I have ever seen. The type of this anime is good since it have humors in it thus the drawing is magnificent. therefore, I would reccomend this to every one.

Amaenaide yo!!

[tab title=”Characters”]

ID Name Pic Desc
19808 Arisaka Kazuki She is the first main protagonist of the story. Ba….
19841 Kagura Yuuji The second main protagonist of the story. Yuuji wa….
28945 Arisaka Hatsune Kazuki`s older sister, who is constantly trying to….
28946 Suzuhara Chihaya Kazuki`s friend who apparently likes to spy on peo….
28947 Kagura Marie Yuuji`s younger sister. Kazuki described her as be….
28948 Isokawa Niina Niina is a blond-haired girl who goes to the same ….
28951 Serizawa Miu Vice-president of Yuuji`s class. She uses any and ….


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