Witch Hunter Robin (480p – 60MB)

Witch Hunter Robin
Cazadora de Brujas Robin (synonym)
WHR (short)
Robin (short)
Witch Hunter Robin (official)
Witch Hunter Robin (official)
Witch Hunter Robin (official)
Witch Hunter Robin (official)

A couple of hundred years have passed and people hardly hear about witches nowadays. However, a leading secret organization in witch management still exists. Salomon`s witch management organization, STN, is assigned the task of capturing the remaining witches. As a leading secret organization in witch management, STN`s influence has reached the government and police organizations across the world.
As the recent change in Japanese society has led into an increase of witch activities, STN-J assembled a group of hunters to draw a desperate last-minute fight against witches. However, the mysterious death of one member of the group has led to a decrease in morale in STN-J.
In order to help STN-J, a lone 15 year old replacement girl is sent by Salomon directly to Tokyo. Robin Sena, a craft user- can she really be the key to win this fight?

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 6.26
Start Date – 2002-07-03
End Date – 2002-12-25

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2002-07-03 Replacement
2 2002-07-10 Addicted to power
Addicted to Power
Addicted to power
3 2002-07-17 Dancing in darkness
Dancing in Darkness
Dancing in darkness
4 2002-07-24 Stubborn aesthetics
Stubborn Aesthetics
Stubborn aesthetics
5 2002-07-31 Smells like the wandering spirit
Smells Like the Wandering Spirit
Comme une odeur d`esprit errant
Smells like the wandering spirit
6 2002-08-07 Raindrops
Gouttes de pluie
7 2002-08-14 Simple-mind
Simple Mind
Simple d`esprit
8 2002-08-21 Faith
La foi
9 2002-08-28 Sign of the Craft
Sign of the Craft
Le signe du Pouvoir
Sign of the Craft
10 2002-09-04 Separate lives
Separate Lives
Destins divergents
Separate lives
11 2002-09-11 The soul cages
The Soul Cages
La cage aux esprits
The soul cages
12 2002-09-18 Precious illusions
Precious Illusions
Precious illusions
13 2002-09-25 The eyes of truth
The Eyes of Truth
The eyes of truth
14 2002-10-02 Loaded Guns
Loaded Guns
Loaded Guns
15 2002-10-09 Time to say Goodbye
Time to Say Goodbye
Le temps des adieux
Time to say Goodbye
16 2002-10-16 Heal the pain
Heal the Pain
Apaiser la douleur
Heal the pain
17 2002-10-23 Dilemma
18 2002-10-30 In my pocket
In My Pocket
Dans ma poche
In my pocket
19 2002-11-06 Missing
20 2002-11-13 All I really oughta know
All I Really Oughtta Know
Tout ce que je devrais savoir
All I really oughta know
21 2002-11-20 No way out
No Way Out
Voie sans issue
No way out
22 2002-11-27 Family portrait
Family Portrait
Portrait de famille
Family portrait
23 2002-12-04 Sympathy for the Devil
Sympathy for the Devil
Compassion pour le diable
Sympathy for the Devil
24 2002-12-11 Rent
25 2002-12-18 Redemption day
Redemption Day
Redemption day
26 2002-12-25 Time to tell
Time to Tell
Time to tell

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[Animeout] Witch Hunter Robin – 25 [480p]_[ven].mkv – 47.8 MB
[Animeout] Witch Hunter Robin – 26 [480p]_[ven].mkv – 47.2 MB

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After many years I`m finally going through anidb and adding to mylist, voting and recommending shows…very surprised to see this rated so low, it`s a very good anime, might even call it a classic.
Don`t believe the rating, should be closer to an 8.

A good light sci-fi/fantasy anime, worth watching for anyone who enjoyed Bebop or Wolf`s Rain. The ending is really the only beef I had with this and kept me from liking it more, but everything leading up to it is quite nice.

Great anime.

Very good!

Very emotional! I loved it.

Highly recommended. Good story, great characters. The first half of the show is rather slow, introducing characters and setting. The second half is a fast paced push trough the story line with many twists and turns. The ending is maybe a bit weaker: it`s solid but somewhat does not live up to the expectations one might have from watching the show.

This Anime is a staple series. It meets or exceeds all the nessasaray Qulifications of a perfect anime show. in its catagories. I personaly make sure to watch it complete once ayear or more and random episodes every now and then. i keep this in my top 10 or even top 5 anime of all time

the drama and action is unparallel. the blend between modern technology and magic is superb. every moment has you on your feet.

If you like a melancholy, philosophical and slow paced show this is for you.

Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners
Scrapped Princess
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil


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