xxxHOLiC Shunmuki  (480p Р60MB)

* A direct sequel to the events on xxxHOLiC: Kei. The two OADs present a better end to that anime, introducing unexpected guests. A tribute to all xxxHOLiC & Clamp fans.
Source: ANN
Watanuki Kimihiro and Doumeki Shizuka enjoy meal and drinks with the fortune teller, where Tsuyuri Kohane is staying. There, it is explained that everyone changes with every meeting they experience with others, and that all four present, even Ichihara Yuuko, have changed by meeting Kimihiro. Later on, Doumeki Haruka and Kimihiro meet in a dream, and Kimihiro is asked to look for something in the temple`s storeroom. However, as Kimihiro and Shizukathey look around, they accidentally step into the realm within the books…
Kimihiro and Shizuka continue to search for the four items that Haruka requested. Kimihiro unlocks a fifth item that leads to an encounter with someone close to him. Later, Kimihiro vows to grant Yuuko her wish.
Source: Wikipedia

Anime Type – OVA
Total Episodes – 2
Rating – 7.74
Start Date – 2009-02-17
End Date – 2009-06-23

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