AnimeOut F.A.Q.

What’s this site about?

Free, small sized, on-going and completed anime downloads!

We try to release the newest hottest anime ASAP and also have a proper release with the best possible quality + subs.
On going anime can be downloaded from our high speed servers directly (DDL)

The size of anime video files has been growing steadily mainly because of more detailed animation style but here we reduce the size up to 5 times. Does it affect the quality? See for yourself. We have never had complaints.

What is this DDL thingy?

DDL stands for Direct Download and it means you download directly from our servers. It also means all the data downloaded is encrypted which means it’s untrackable (unlike torrents). It’s all safe ūüėČ

What language are the anime series in?

All our anime is in Japanese with English subtitles. Some include dual audio (English Dub)

Who are you guys?

We’re a group of people* passionate about what we do. We encode anime in our freetime as a hobby and we gain very little to nothing doing so. It’s our hobby and we’re just glad to share with you this awesome media.


Why is¬†there some anime I can’t download here?

Download related questions here -> How to Download on Animeout

Did you get a message box asking username and password? Did you read the message that’s on that box? It clearly states why it needs authorization: DDL¬†is now for donators only (except on on-goings). Public users can now only download from filehost links which we will re-up series to. DDL grants access to our high speed server with all 900+ series,movies and 22k encoded episodes.
(Valid for 30 days)

What about Torrents?

At the moment it’s a work in progress.

Why should I donate?

> Help us continue existing
> Gain access to every series @ high speed (unlimited downloads)
> To improve our service
> Priority in requests

How do I donate?

The magic word is “howtodonate”. Type it inside our chatbox (without quotes)¬†and don’t forget to say hi to other users lurking there ^^

You can also contact us via facebook message or email

I just donated. How long does it take for me to get my details?

The process is not automated and we need to confirm your donation manually so it will take roughly up to 24 hours.

What if something I want is not availabe? Like a show that’s not even listed, or the shows that only provide links for Donators?

Support and Request

You can write a ticket concerning re-uploads for MEGA and also for anime not listed in our catalogue. Donators have priority.

What is the difference between PROPER and RAPID subs?

Rapid, like the name says comes out sooner than proper. The only difference is the subtitles. Rapid releases will come from sub groups like for example Horriblesubs who do not include subbed OP/ED (no karaoke ;_; ). The quality of translation might also not be up to the standards of some people, and that is where proper subs come in. These are posted later, not because the encoder chose to, it’s because they release these a couple of days, weeks or even months later (sometimes they even drop shows). So remember not to blame the encoder! Proper subs come with karaoke, sidenotes and little extras here and there (not always tho ;)).

tl;dr The only difference is the subtitles. Rapids’ are considered to have ‚Äúlower translation quality‚ÄĚ and Propers’ are released later on.

The on-going anime I watch is late!

Is it really?
We always have our share of complaints about being late but we hope you understand these two things:

  1. The chosen subtitle group (we call it the source) is late. Some sub-groups have, just as we have, a small staff and focuses on quality subs but they may take more time in releasing the subs, sometimes even weeks after the original release. The chosen sub-group is always named in the filenames, you can see and check for yourself if what you are asking for has even been released!
  2. The encoder has his own life. Each one of our staff members does this solely for our passion towards anime and no-one gets paid. So encoders may sometimes have important things to do IRL and may delay projects.
The subtitles don’t show or don’t work?

We recommend using MPC and/or VLC player with CCCP codec pack installed. This will solve 99% percent of the playback issues. Sometimes VLC will crash on ED/OP so try MPC player if this happens.

Can I use a download manager/accelerator?

Yes. Our DDL system is compatible with download managers and accelerators like Internet Download Manager

Can I search by Genre?

All of our posts/anime have tags that define the genres. You can use the search bar and type the genre you want and the results will show respectively.

What is this damn sound I always hear pop out when I open

That, my dear friends, is a secret place of joy and suongs*. It comes from the chat-box on bottom of the page.
You can disable the sound (forever) by clicking on the volume icon. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask there (in the chat-box or cbox as we call it) and if you’re lucky an admin or encoder will respond. Remember “That is not the designated place to request series”.

* This is suong: Suong

Who is the owner of animeout?

He, who shall not be named anymore, has left us in care of the site. He used to encode as well but decided to pursue new shores and raise his MMR. He still doesn’t make a penny out of this site.

Our IceFrog can be contacted via

Who is Xander and how is he so incredibly awesome?



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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