Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (main) (720p – 120MB)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (main)
Magical Girl Madoka Magika (synonym)
Meguca (synonym)
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika (synonym)
MSMM (short)
pmagi (short)
Madoka Magica (short)
PMMM (short)
Madoka (short)
madomagi (short)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (official)
Madoka Magica (official)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (official)
Madoka Magica (official)

Having a loving family, close friends, experiencing times of joy and times of sadness. These are the things that make up an ordinary life. [Kaname Madoka] is a normal 2nd year middle-schoolgirl who lives such an ordinary life. Until, that is, a strange encounter occurs. She does not know if this encounter is coincidence, or the vagaries of fate, but two things are certain…
This is the moment when her destiny changes…
This is the start of a new magical girl story!
~ adapted and translated from official site by Cranston
Note: Won the Television Award at the 16th Animation Kobe Awards (2011), 12 NewType Anime Awards, including Best Anime Series, Director, Screenplay, and Design, and the Grand Prize in the animation category at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 8.55
Start Date – 2011-01-07
End Date – 2011-04-22

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spectacular, fantastique, suspens

the words “for fans” does not mean for fans of this specific anime series only, but for those who doesnot hate this genre and fans of japanese anime.This is because the content of the anime would damage the heart of those who not yet watch it XD

Too many feels. It`s kinda deep and for me the ending wasn`t all that “happy ending”. The beginning implied that this is a show about happy girls doing happy stuff; on the contrary, the second half completely destroyed this view, if you had formed a simialr one in the first place.

After reading all the “OMG magic lolis!” comments I expected something different. Actually I could expect anything but what I`ve seen here is completely different.
It`s not usual candy series full of sparkles and that stuff. It`s deep story about humanity including psychedelic magical worlds full of what-not.
I`m not able to mark this as must see for some reason, but I can recommend it for sure

Short & strong. Ignore “mahou shoujo” thing and watch it.

Started off extremely bad, so bad that i dropped it at first. But i forced myself to watch it and things got alot better. From 1 point to 7. Give it a try! Endure the first episodes, it gets much better after a while!

Wow, I`m only half way through and I`m enjoying this. I don`t watch MS stuff but this has a more mature, dark feeling to it. So dark, it`s as if this show was meant more for guys than girls!

Pretty deep story. Half of the episodes make you think “what would I do in that kind of situation”. Not the average Magical Girl story. Once you get the idea behind the story, you will just love it. Last but not least, this anime doesn`t have a half unfinished ending like the most out there. I definitely recommend watching the whole anime in one go, it`s not even 5hours. 😀

Dark magical girl anime has been done before (see Revolutionary Girl Utena) but never before with this much flare. Fantastic characters and riveting drama and a climax that doesn`t let you down mean it`s one of the most solid series.

Definitely not for everyone. Deliciously fucked up and emotionally intense, this is not what the cover image makes it look like. Very unique, very interesting, and a very good anime.

If you`re looking for Sailor Moon X here, you`re in the wrong place. This is a totally different take on mahou shoujo shows. Much deeper and serious. The plot is a bit slow and boring at the beginning, but the second half of the show makes up for it big time.

I would not call this anime “twisted” or “demented” as much as I would call it “shocking.” It is definitely a different take on the magical girl genre.

An excellent, and original concept, excellent, creative artwork, excellent music… Let down by poor pacing. This series should have worked really well, and been a breath of fresh air for anime. Unfortunately, the story meanders and and fourth for most of the series, and it`s only in the last few episodes that things start to pick up and the story is at it`s strongest. A real shame, perhaps someone else will try the same concept in the future, and learn from the mistakes Madoka made.

Don`t think of this as a just another magical girl show. That`s what lots of people did when it came out and then a few weeks later, all the mahou shoujo fans were like `WTF!? o.0`
In the words of journalist Matt Kamen, “With its…daring approach to a dated genre, Puella Magi Madoka Magica essentially does for magical girls what Neon Genesis Evangelion did for giant robots.”
I sometimes refer to it as a subversion of the mahou shoujo genre. That`s how different this is.
great soundtrack, visuals (it`s supposed to look super cutesy, adds to said subversion) especially love the witch world visuals, seiyuu (though madoka`s sounded a little annoying but it was how her character should be anyways)

Great anime, can`t agree about the shock factor thing. I watched knowing about episode 3 event yet I still found the series a very intense and entertaining experience.

The plot is heavy and interesting, the animation can be pretty unique (which may turn some people off but the animation makes sense if you think about it), and the music is great. If I had to describe this series, I`d say it is like a base of Magical Lyrical combined with Mokona (CLAMP) and with some Higurashi-like elements. I can`t say much more (or use better descriptions) without spoiling this great anime! It is one of the few animes (Like Jigoku Shoujo and Higurashi) that I can actually watch multiple times in a row.

While I wouldn`t give this a 10 (due to the first two episodes being hard to keep watching for many of my friends) and my personal dislike of episode 3, This does get better, especially after episode 7 (halfway through the series). This is extremely plot filled compared to many other Mahou Shoujo series and is worth the wait in my opinion.

Tried like hell to ignore this title. Just couldn`t get the notion of mahou shoujo not adding a saccharin taste to my palette of anime. I was WRONG just plain WRONG. Had to skip most of the intros and a few of the end credits though. They just didn`t encourage my desire to watch a series with more depth than the normal merchandising machines.

“Wait what ?! Magical Girl Anime so highly rated ?! and so popular ?! ”
That was my though process when i heard about this anime . I put if off for quite some time . Card Captor Sakura was ENOUGH FOR ME ! .

Then one night , i started watching seeing i had it in HDD………….. Ended up finishing in the same night with allot of caffeine to keep me going,
It is just simply , staggering i couldn`t believe that this can be pulled off from the “magical girl” anime genre .
It`s truly breathtaking the profoundness of this anime.
A must SEE ! !

Amazing mahou shoujo show introducing completely new concept to this gender which results in accessing it to a wider audience. Do you expect all girly and overly sweet show? You`ll be surprised what you`ll get then. The show employs breathtaking animation fusing completely different approaches highlighting the main aspect of the show – omnipresent contrast. The plot is interesting and captivating, but its pacing could be far better and the ending is rather disappointing. I can`t stop thinking of a wasted potential of this show since it`s development is quite easily predictable which is very unfortunate.

Although taking a classic mahou shoujo and mixing various genders while wrapping the whole in confusingly cute animation and absolutely captivating music, this show relies mainly on initial shocking impact. Even though it isn`t impeccable, it`s pretty enjoyable.

If only every mahou shoujo were like this … well, little girls would have nightmares.

Personally I am absolutely no fan of this genre. I hate almost every aspect of the mahou shoujo genre. Despite my preferences, i watched this and wow. This is one of the darkest anime i`ve seen. I recommend this anime to everyone, even if you don`t like the genre.

No matter what you think about Mahou Shojou anime, you`ll be shocked by this one.

A very unique approach to the mahou shojo theme with the usual artistic animation from Shaft. I recommend it especially if you are tired of all the un-inovative anime out there.

Just excellent.

Really had to drag myself through the first few episodes, BUT it was well worth the intense action and drama. This whole anime has a dark and mysterious air to it,so don`t be deceived. Great characters, and the plot really soared after the beginning episodes. Full of surprises, dark secrets and nicely crafted action scenes. A must see because it`s something really hard to come by these days.

/人 ◕ ‿ _ ◕人\: Hallo thar~ Want to make a contract with me? This world in under invasion of evil, and if you join me, you will be able to kill them. *smiles* :]

+98.1%: story, character, art, sound, video
-1.9%: needs more ecchiness and a guy

Beautiful masterpiece… just in awe…………………
The cover image is very cheap, misleading, and `cute girly girls`….. when u watch this masterpiece, u will be amazed at the graphics, audio, and high technology beyond ours…. 😀
there are alternate dimensions that are purely artistically awesome.

How do you feel about Maho Shoujo Genre?Well the answer to that doesn`t really matter because this anime will betray any expectations and eliminate any reservations you may have about this genre rewarding you with an enticing, dark toned, can`t-wait-to-see-what-happens-next plot.And that plot`s main concept?Despair…After the first 2 introductory episodes the anime plunges the characters into the meaning of despair piling it up with each and every episode only to lead you to a most gratifying catharsis. Character development is very deep and carefully played and you will probably find yourself getting attached with all the other heroines except Madoka , the main one which imo merely serves as a catalyst to the story.Animation is pretty sleek, artwork very unique and in a very beautiful way mind you and although the character design is fluffy and cute, don`t be swayed…Appearances can be deceiving is the most appropriate quote for this occasion!Definitely a MUST see!

Good vs. evil. Hope vs. despair. Wonderful designs and unique artwork. Cute girls doing magical things. It`s sort of like a condensed and girlier version of Evangelion. Must see, if you ever get the feels.

Only one word comes to my mind when i think about this show and that is “EPIC”. Now excuse me i`m gonna go and re-watch it a couple of times.

Totally worth the time watching. It was very nicley done, but there might be some plot holes at the end.

Forget about card captor sakura, this has only first episodes that can be similar, but becomes dark at the end.
Can`t even say if it has an happy end, watch it and find i t out 🙂

Even if you don`t like the magical girl genre – don`t get fooled by the overly cute style it has. The first three episodes make it seem as if it`s like any other girly adorable little magical girl anime – but then it drastically changes. I`ve had at least three friends refusing to watch it because it didn`t seem as their style; I don`t blame them, I was the same. But when they saw the rest of it? They ended up LOVING it, just like I do. It completely gets you off guard. The story is great, the characters are great. I highly recommend it.

The greatest anime ever made. This is pure mind fuckery in a usually childish genre where cruel things happen, with an incredibly misleading cover. What Evangelion did for the mecha genre is what this anime will do for the magical girl genre, and possibly even beyond that. You`ll watch this entire series in awe, as you haven`t ever seen something as great as this.

Seriously i hate the Magical Girl thing, but ok i`ll watch it…
first thought: Why am i watching this crap -.-
second thought: This shit is so good 😮
Third thought: This goes right to my top!

Definitely not your typical Mahou Shoujo series. This dark themed take on the category is a must see for all, especially for people who are bored by the typical pace of the Mahou Shoujo series.

If you watch this anime without any prior knowledge of its story like I did, you get pretty blown away as it progresses. A very refreshing take on the traditional “magical girl” genre with great character development.

It`s true you don`t have to be a fan of the Mahou Shoujo theme to like this anime. It`s a dark anime that has decent amount of action, but really good storyline. For an original story it`s one of the best. The only people who wouldn`t like this are hardcore action fans who pay no attention to nice character development, good plot twists, and emotional drama (not as much as devoted drama genre, though). Anyone who loves “WTF is going on?!” series that creatively fills in the blanks would instantly put this on their top 10.

A surprisingly dark show that you just don`t really see in the magical girl genre. It looks pretty typical (if somewhat bizarre thanks to SHAFT) at first, but give it a couple of episodes and you will see it is not your typical magical girl show at all.
I strongly recommend checking it out, even if you aren`t really into the magical girl genre. As of time of writing, it`s one of the best new shows I`ve seen in a while.

I watched this expecting the same old Magical girl cliche, but this show blindsided me by being a totally new take on an old cliche genre. A must see just for the fact that it`s a perfect example of never judging a book by it`s cover.

This is one of the series which should be recommended for educational purposes, it is simply a cultural phenomen.

Takes the mahou shoujo genre and completely turns it on its head. A series with a real story – and a roller-coaster ride at that.

I don`t usually like the whole magical girl theme anime, but this, despite its name, is far from being a regular magical girl anime!

The story is so deep, sad and so touching that it seems to be almost a parody to the whole theme. It is in fact a far cry from what you first think it is.

Also, as usual, Kajiura Yuki (the reason I actually saw this show) did an awesome job with the music.

I highly recommend!

Extremely Dark, Darkness beyond boundaries, endless despair – and Super Nova of Light in the end! This is very charming composition – real Yin&Yang in perfect balance.

Really interesting deconstruction of the mahou shoujo concept, not only for fans of the genre, but for anyone interested in a anime far deeper than the standard ecchi show we usually are served nowadays.

The most beautiful plot I`ve seen in years.

Not your typical mahou shoujo.
This anime twists the genre `conventions` and creates a creepy, menacing atmosphere.

Sakura Card Captor is dethroned, Lyrical Nanoha lies on the floor and Sailor Moon runs for the hills. Long reign to the new queen of Mahou-Shoujo!!!!
Long have I wanted a darker view on this genre, something that really exploits the really dark themes that surround the genre. Don`t be fooled by the cuteness, this is really tough and psychological.
The best anime from 2010. Period.

very emotional anime and best mahou shoujo till now, you can enjoy it even if you`re not fan of this genre.

Mahou shoujo anime which really wasn`t one 😛
Nice and interesting anime, except they really complicated things at end for no reason… made me use 2 much brain power to figure out what did writer exactly want to say.
Reminds me a bit of noein for some reason.

If you`re not hooked by ep 3 then… No, you will be hooked. A good one for anyone who knows what a trope is. Keep away from young children.

Even if you are not a fan of mahou shoujo genre, this show is something you ought to see as it is an anime that has surely left a significant mark in the history of anime.

An anime with the most consistent high quality, will keep you in place from (almost very) beginning till end. And yet the piece hasnt become what it could be

Just a real pleasure to watch. If you want to get technical, you can definitely pick a bone or 2 with the story and ending. However, it never got in the way of wanting more.

The top anime of the winter season 2011 and possibly the best of the whole year. This isn`t supposed to be a funny story ( as some might think ) or moeblobshit. This anime is beautiful, intense and cruel and can rival the likes of Bakemono and NGE.

dark and moody, there is always that hanging feeling that you know something bad is going to happen at one point. and then one by one, things fall into place and then until at the very end, everything comes full circle and you just realize that that was one heck of a ride.

As of now, only 6 eps are broadcasts, but simply this is the best mahou shoujo anime ever. I hope it can last until the very end.

I just watched all the episodes in one sitting…not much to say here other than WHOA! This was one wacky son of a show, and there was no way anybody was gonna pry me away from the screen til it was over. Good stuff, don`t miss it!

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